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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Life moves on....?

September vanished in a flurry of trips and the new novel setting in to its stride. The series of short stories has been out with editors for weeks. The competition stories are safely posted. So September should have been a good month for writing. Instead it's been on to one aircraft, off, then on again.

Australia was destination two, a conference - the Historical Novel Society - and family time. Canada has been and still is destination three. More writing work and talk! I do enjoy conferences even if the flight is 18 hours!

But the first destination was a place of such outstanding peace and soul soothing that I will have to make a yearly trip. I cruised Doubtful Sound in a charming river boat and we glided down that fiord in blissful peace. On the last day we sat for ten mins without engine on, dynamo pumping or cameras clicking and heard the birds singing at us. It had been quiet even with those noises, without them it was a silence you could feel and touch. I sat on deck on the last evening and my new novel, which was off to a bumpy start, simply fell out of the pen and onto the paper.

We all need such places to recharge ourselves. I am still carrying a little kernel of peace within myself and it's a good feeling.

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