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Thursday, 11 September 2008

I can't believe it's only me.

It seems to me that most electronic systems and devices were devised specifically to waste my time and drive me into frantically insane and murderous moods. Keep away from me all IT experts until I've sorted them out!

It's taken me three days to get back into this blog. I would sign in, and be told I hadn't activated my account or verified my e-mail. However, sitting in my e-mail account is the google verifying e-mail, and every time I clicked on the link I was told my e-mail had already been verified. Not only that but my server is Japanese so the blog appeared in Japanese even though I changed the langauge to English. I hate technology.

I'm also trying to get my Visa on to the Verified by Visa scheme, because World Pay demand that all Visa cards are before they can be used in their system. Over three weeks later I am still not on the system and spitting tacks as Visa repeatedly tells me that the last 3 numbers of my security code are not valid! No help from the Bank or Visa, who tell me the numbers are correct, perhaps I'm not putting them in correctly? After receiving short shrift from me on that I'm told to come home and they will sort it all out. That's a bit difficult when I'm working out my last days in Japan. I shall chewing various ears when I do get home to New Zealand.

It wouldn't happen like that in Japan. And I'd get profuse apologies, prompt assistance and the problem solved within 24 hours. I dread going back to New Zealand's version of 'Service'.

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