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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Pure frustration.

Today is Thursday, September 11th. I have spent the last week trying to access this blog from my family's various computers. Each time I have signed in and reached my dashboard, but there I am told: 'You are not an author on any blogs yet, create one now to start posting!'

Isn't technology wonderful?

And when one lays down plans carefully, so that the move home from Japan to New Zealand is smoothly coordinated, and the minimum of time and effort are involved in the great upheaval, why is it that some incompetent twerp fouls everything up?

I had planned on a smooth run of eight clear days before the several hundred plants and just under six thousand trees arrive to really get chapter one of the new novel laid down securely. This all depended on my luggage and household effects arriving as I did. In fact they arrived earlier, but in Auckland, on the North Island, not in Dunedin, South Island. I have spent the last week trying to get Customs and Agricultural and Fisheries clearance and organise transport to South Island. What a week!

How I miss Japanese efficiency, politeness and cooperation.

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