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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Book Review: The Long Dead by John Dean.

The Long DeadThe Long Dead by John Dean

John Dean writes a good tight British police procedural of the old school. No gritty city setting or foul mouthing officers. This is a rural setting and an unusual story.

D.C.I. John Blizzard and his sidekick D.S. David Colley are called out to sign off on a war grave. It's a documented grave for victims of a 'flu epidemic. The victims were German prisoners of war and the grave is now in a farmer's field. Everyone called in is happy to sign off the skeletons except Blizzard who has a 'funny feeling' about it. He insists that each skeleton is named and - oops! - there are 17 not the known 16! Now the fun begins.

it's an engrossing story and well written. A good read for all those who enjoy mysteries and British police procedurals.

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