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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Review: Losing Ground by Catherine Aird

Losing Ground (Inspector Sloan #22)Losing Ground by Catherine Aird

I do wish quotes on the front of a book were more accurate. As this one was a TLS (Times Literary Supplement) quote I was incensed that the reviewer could make such a daft statement about the writer. 'As clever a detective writer as Margery Allingham'. Well, that sets up high expectations in the reader, this reader particularly. I am an Allingham fan, loved her skill with words, her clever intelligent style and oh, those plots!

This novel is a pleasant read, mildly amusing, with a nice twisty plot with lots of red herring possible villains. It is not anything like Margery Allingham's novels nor are the main characters anything like the complex characters Allingham created. We have the twit police Super, the hard done by Inspector and the idiot sidekick, a load of mildly amusing 2D characters and an intrusive narrator.

Nothing wrong with the book, it's a pleasant read for those who like entertaining light reads. Just don't compare it to an Allingham novel please!

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