Monday, 1 August 2011

What a waste!

I rarely watch TV. Can't stand all the American crap, this stupid vampire rubbish which seems quite dangerously unbalanced, let alone the violence which is so much a part of American films and TV programmes. There are so few interesting and intelligent programmes. I don't own a TV, didn't buy another when mine packed up. I am a slow writer and long quiet evenings are a great time for writing.

However last night a friend invited me to watch a programme following the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra on its first grand European tour. The tour had been reported as a great success and I looked forward to seeing the orchestra in some of the concert halls I'd visited when I was travelling around Europe. New Zealand on Air had funded the film which was fronted by someone called Jeremy Wells. I should get to hear some great music.

My fury knew no bounds when it turns out that Master Wells thinks himself a comedian. So it was a programme about Jeremy Wells, focusing on him and not the orchestra. Some comedian, he sounded like a brat of five asking kindergarten joke questions. So the poor members of the orchestra faced infantile questions about 'doing number one and number twos', 'playing in the nude', 'sex before a concert' and such like rubbish. The poor German doctor was asked if she had to pick up testicles if a member of the orchestra had them sawn off by a fellow musician's bow.

Funny it was not. Pathetic, infantile and a complete waste of NZ on Air money it was. If it was meant to be 'young person' humour and an attempt to gain a younger audience for the orchestra then I don't know of young people who are as infantile and stupid as Master Wells was.

I hope I don't ever meet the idiot. I'd like to saw his testicles off and stuff them down his too large, flapping gabby mouth. The NZSO truly had a successful tour, it was diminished by his crass stupidity.