Monday, 5 July 2021

This Authorprenure marketing business is exhausting!


Three cheers for Matariki  and the new year it brings.

It seems to me that I've done everything backwards. Just when I need a huge amount of energy, an ultra agile brain, and a willingness to become a techy expert on the computer I'm finding growing older makes me slow down, be reluctant to tackle all that new computer tech stuff, and settle for a nap after lunch. 

Why didn't I follow my writer's path when I was younger, ah well, that wasn't the woman's lot was it? Family and husband first. Instead I must be a business like authorprenure when I feel more like settling down in a warm room with a good book to read. I am reluctant to rise and shine before I can see daylight, which cuts down my working hours during winter. 

Worst of all I also have to fight my fear of the computer and master automation for emails, landing pages and setting up giveaways, newsletters and email lists. Phew!

So here's my latest effort at the giveaway to acquire new readers.

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