Friday, 20 January 2017

Just back from India to discover that my website server has 'lost' my website, Amazon has not accepted my cover so their preorders are not working, and several readers are asking me about the preorders for 'Bittersweet'.

Smashwords is accepting the preorders BUT because of the difficulties with Amazon and my website I have decided to offer a one week e-book launch special of $1.99 from February 22nd to midnight February 29th 2017. 'Bittersweet' will be out on February 22nd in e-book form and launched with a big party on March 22nd when the print copy will be available.

Those of you with Smashwords preorders will be treated to the same deal of $1.99 for the e-book.

It's a good job I had such a relaxing and fantastic time in India as I needed the break to come back and face this muddle.  I shall be relieved when 'Bittersweet' makes its appearance on the book shelves!