Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday evening and after a long hot day of the worst sort, overcast but darned hot and sticky, I can now relax. This means a quick gallop through the social websites and then on to writing.

There has been an interesting anti-agent thread on one writers' website which had been full of sensible comments and suggestions. Suddenly comments became stroppy. Rude comments about spelling and lack of commas from someone sparked a whole range of prickly comments. I am keeping to my time limit so did not explain about the difference between my British/Commonwealth spelling and punctuation and the American. More comments flew. Mainly males this time with their hackles up. Sweeping generalisations were made about posters' abilities. So sad.

It is amazing that people will do this to themselves on public boards.

There are two rules to remember when leaving comments on websites.

1. Once it's out there it will stay out there.

2. People remember the nasty and avoid it.
In other words if you want to win friends and attract readers always project yourself as someone who listens, cares and shares.

I have a lot of PR to do for Writer's Choice next month and have to work out, with my colleagues in the co-operative, what to say and what they want me to say. I am so glad we stated right at the beginning, when we were forming the group, that we behave in a polite and professional manner at all times to each other. I am grateful that my colleagues don't pack paddies, don't only skite about their writing and not all of our writing, and don't allow ego or writer's arrogance to spoil the democratic process of decision making.

I think, when we expand membership, we will write details of what we call professional behaviour in blood and threaten instant expulsion for any breaches. I really couldn't work with colleagues who constantly hurl rude remarks or take affront.