Friday, 26 September 2014

Some friendly advice for a writer's pals.

One of the magazines I enjoy is 'Seizure'. Australian, stroppy and funny the editors send out a great newsletter.
Their novella competition is now open

In a recent Agony Aunt column Auntie dealt with a subject dear to all writers' hearts, advice for the friendly fan. It's great stuff and well worth a read. As one whose near family live thousands of miles away and whose blood relatives are bloody awful I lack that circle of rellies who might support my novels.

I do have friends, however, who have asked what they could do. Seems to me that Aunty's column is most timely. Do read it, all my friends, and put into practice her advice.

Find Agony Aunt's column here: And do yourself a favour, read the rest of the magazine. It's a darned good read.