Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Writer's Choice is up and off with two novels on their way to launching.

Into February already. Writer's Choice colleagues are steaming ahead with their books. So much preparation before the release. ‘Four Nails’ by G.J. Berger is launching first. Then Sharon Robards is launching her 'Playing With Fire'. Both are historicals but a thousand plus years apart. My own novel, 'Bittersweet' has a long way to go before May's launch. I have a whole rewrite to do. Who'd be a writer. Realistically I am looking at October but I would like to make May.

2016 has been, so far, much more peaceful and far less stressful. My rotten neighbour has had to pay me damages for his spraying my land with weed killer. The court case is over and the neighbour is moving out. Heaven help whoever he next becomes neighbour of for his foul mouth and interfering habits will not stop. Sad how some people waste their lives in spite and nastiness.

Good news for New Zealand writers, especially the Indies, is that the New Zealand Society of Authors plans a National Writers' Forum and indies are allowed. I am encouraging as many as possible to attend. It seems to me we might have a chance to get a few things sorted out. Every month I receive an SOS from some poor new writer who has written a book and wants to publish it or have it published. There is no useful information about publishing at the NZSA website, just very general stuff, not many useful links, and not much help unless you pay your fee and sign up for one of their few mentoring slots. Indies are very good about helping each other so I think we need to get the NZSA aware of what we have and do. That will take some doing.