Saturday, 26 May 2018

May 25th-29th my e-book sale on at Smashwords, Kobo and Amazon

It seems to me that all the short C.V.s and writer bios I have to pump out whenever I have a  book sale on and must sign up with the email newsletters grow more and more manically cheerful.

How about the following as a C.V.?

p.d.r lindsay feels old - she is – and lost among the tech style of writing. She’s passionate about words, feels the loss of people like Shakespeare , those who wrote the King James Bible, poets who made words dance, like Gerard Manley Hopkins. Where are they? p.d.r. has been trying to trim her style to modern tastes and fails. Trying to make words behave again in a more acceptable modern way is hard and it hurts!  And messy post-modern, contemporary content drives her nuts.

p.d.r. lindsay has published over 100 short stories, 2 anthologies and three novels and is struggling to shape a fourth novel which will satisfy her and the modern reader. She’s floundering and thinks longingly of the days when she could write a poem or two in a lunch break. These days the poetic muse had deserted her. Something to do with age and cynicism?

Doubt it would encourage readers to buy a book!

I've just been to our annual Rotary Book Fair - a weekend sale in a massive warehouse truly stacked from floor to ceiling with 2nd hand books for sale. I go to pick up those wonderful and expensive university press books on topics like Food in England, European Cathedrals, British Castles. I can afford two or three dollars for them but I look at the staggering trestle tables loaded with fiction and I despair. The same names piled up there by the hundred. How on earth can I compete with Traditional Publishers, readers' reluctance to try new authors and get my books noticed amongst the millions Amazon publish each year?

I have no idea! But it is hard to struggle and care and love my characters and write their stories amidst the competition. 

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Stupefying Stories: Submission Guidelines

Stupefying Stories: Submission Guidelines: Last updated: 30 April 2018 Who We Are Edited by award-winning science fiction writer Bruce Bethke , STUPEFYING STORIES is a bold attem...

Have a look at this!


Whoopee! The e-book sale is off already. It's a good feeling knowing that new readers are finding the characters and the stories one has invested so much time and love on when writing their tales.

Tizzie is already selling.and is being featured on Friday May 25th 2018 at Check it out for free and bargain ebook deals! 

And my silence has been due to getting this new novel finished! More book reviews soon. And searching through my Japanese photos for research for new stories I found the photos for the exciting archery festival.