Saturday, 12 April 2014

It seems to me that technology takes up too much time and I'm wasting more and more precious time trying to get out of the mess technology creates. With malign and thoroughly evil intent I might add.

I'm trying to get my blog smartened up a little and of more use with an opt in email address place.

Can I do it? No way. I follow the careful instructions and yet there is always a major problem. Either step one or step two are not possible because the place I need to find isn't there.

Take this 'add the email' business to my blog. Go to your dashboard say my instructions. Now how the hell do I do that? There is nowhere on my blogger page that I can find a way to a dashboard. I can find my personal profile. That isn't it.

Now I'm attached to Google + and life is even more chaotic. Google seems to have taken over my blog. I get cheery and revolting messages and stuff from Google but nothing about how I can attach the email thingie.

I have wasted most of the day trying to do this and various other tech things. In despair I hit the close button for the websites and somehow manage to close the inbox. Thus losing an unsent email of vital importance.

I hate computers!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

It's April and I missed again. It seems to me I need to give up on this blogging lark.

It's a horribly grey, overcast, coastal mists type of day and I am so depressed. 12 acres is too much on my own. The WWOOFers are great but they are kids - mainly - and not experienced workers so need supervion. The lack of a job and no money means that all those jobs that need doing are simply put away on the list to wait year after year. I've always been a 'get up and do it' person and this hanging about doing nothing really hacks me off. I have this reoccurring nightmare - and I mean a terrifying dream - of the house slowly rotting and sliding into decay all round me and I cannot do anything to stop it.

March was a good month. The indies do went off well. 'Tizzie' launched with a cheerful party, good book sales, and more people knowing a bit about what Independence writers do and why.

My WWOOFers were cheery young students and quite a few of those little tasks were finished. NOw all I need is a lottery win and then I can write more and pay a manager to do the orchard work.

The new novel is trotting steadily along, page by page, day by day. It's a tough story and I find it a bit harrowing as I write it at the moment.

The good thing is that Writer's Choice is linked to three other co-operative groups like ours and we can learn a great deal from them as they have been working as INsdies much longer than we have. It is nice to be able to give their writers and books PR and we will keep mentioning them on our website.

Meanwhile I think I need to go and run round th e21 acres several times to induce a more cheerful state of mind.