Tuesday, 11 May 2010

'Dark' Fiction

If I have to read and review another novel called 'dark' I shall cram it down the author's throat and shoot the publisher. Why is all this stuff getting published? It's depressing to read, no wonder the Romance genre is so popular.

Translated into my English anything branded as dark means I have to wade through a turgid story about some weak ineffectual Main Character who is deceitful, dishonest, indecisive and, generally speaking, a drip of a worm who eats junk, drinks too much, screws only married people and lives in self inflicted squalor thinking only of themselves and, usually, lustful sex!


I don't give a damn what the critics say, it's boring. Post modern is it? Not for me! Wishy washy, selfish, self indulgent crap. I am sick (pun intended) of reading about the MC's vomit, empty filthy 'fridge, ghastly food, and demolition decorated place of abode. I won't call it a home because it isn't. Is this truly how people live? Because the people I see around me don't live like that.

Most of us find life a challenge all right, a bloody mess and muddle, made more so by the majority of the human race. But do we have to drug, drink, fornicate and generally make more of a mess? No, we have a choice, and exercise it. I wish these boring Post Mods would do so and get themselves a life.

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