Monday, 11 February 2013

The weekly chores and WWOOFers

Why is it such a chore to write a weekly blog? Honestly, I ring the calendar, seek out intelligent ideas to write about but I never get to sit down and write. There is always something more important to write or do.

Right now I am recovering from one lot of delightful WWOOFers and planing on a visit from another group. WWOOFers are Willing Workers On Organic Farms. Usually they are young tourists who want to see more of New Zealand than from a backpackers' hostel. The host feeds and entertains them. They do around four hours work per day.

I am always leery of having strange people staying because I am on my own. Melissa and Mike couldn't have been more considerate and so I am less apprehensive of this group of three arriving on Wednesday. It's the feeding of them that is a struggle. I am still lost to the world of employment. It's very hard feeding myself let alone a group of hungry youngsters. But the work they do is so helpful. There are plenty of small tasks around a smallholding which need two pairs of hands. However, how do I get through to visitors that food is limited and they cannot empty the muesli container all in one go? How do I convince them that my home made bread is very filling as it is made with eggs, butter and milk to be the staff of life in one slice?

The difference between my home grown and home made food and shop bought food is tremendous. It's hard to get WWOOFers, or any visitor, to understand this. Well, we will see. This group don't eat lamb. My home grown meat is all lamb! I have been busy trading lamb for pork, beef and fish. Hopefully that will be enough. I have visions of three enormous hungry young men eating everything I need to store for winter! Ah well. We shall see.

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Kathleen said...

How did the not-lamb eaters visit go?

Many, many years ago I toyed with the idea of being a WWOOFer but I wasn't courageous enough to go out adventuring. Also, I was a little concerned that there would be nothing to eat for a vegetarian.

It's interesting reading your experiences as a WWOOFer host.