Friday, 12 September 2014

I keep hearing people moan about not being able to do anything. Or it's 'What can they do?' when some horrific disaster or event hits the news again.

I've tried to live my life following the precepts I believe in. ‘Put your money where your mouth is’ was the old challenge. It isn't easy but those international horrors, those rapes in India, or the Syrian government, or religious intolerance, sometimes you can join in a world wide protest because someone in the know cares enough to run a petition. Some years ago I found Avaaz, and have been supporting many of their petitions ever since.

If you want to do something about an international event they probably have a petition going. Is it worth it? Do they work? Well, I think 3 million or more signatures from people around the world might make a nasty govt/person know that the world is watching. That tends to make people more careful!

At least it is a simple doable way of doing something, of standing up and being counted for something all people should care about. I can’t fly out to the Middle East and bang heads together until these stupid men stop killing their women and children, but I can remind them that I, and a few million others, want a peaceful settlement, not more fighting, for the sake of their children.

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