Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Three Cheers for Smashwords.

Smashwords have just found their authors three new markets. I love these guys. They do a good job finding ebook markets and are a pleasure to work with.

Here is the extract from their newsletter giving details of the new markets.
The full story is over at the Smashwords blog.

The new partners include:

• Odilo - Will expand our library distribution to 2,100 additional libraries in North America, Europe and South America.
• Tolino - Tolino will bring Smashwords titles to Germany's largest retailers, including Thalia, Welbilt, eBook.de and several others that collectively account for over 35% of Germany's ebook market.
• Yuzu - Yuzu is the the digital education platform and retailer operated by Barnes & Noble College, which operates 743 college bookstores serving 5 million college students and faculty members. The agreement will make it easier for a wide range of Smashwords Premium Catalog books to be assigned for classroom use by educators. The agreement also opens up exciting opportunities for self-published authors - especially college instructors and other educators - to publish low cost learning materials for the higher education market.

All Smashwords authors are automatically opted in to these new channels with the exception of authors who've selected the preemptive opt-out feature in the Smashwords Channel Manager (this feature prevents books from being opted in to new, unannounced channels). For all other authors, you'll have at least three weeks to opt out if you don't want distribution to any of these new partners. Obviously, we think all these channels are worthwhile because more distribution equals more sales opportunities!

Shipments will begin in January with books expected to first appear during the first quarter of 2016.

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