Thursday, 25 February 2016

Hurray for the team at AuthorEarnings.

The February 2016 Report is out. And it is full of interesting facts about indies books at Amazon.
If you haven't signed up for their newsletter and you are an Indie author you are missing out on some valuable information. Seems to me you need this information about Amazon and sales if you want to increase your own sales.

They promise:
For 2016, a brand new methodology based on raw, unfiltered, Amazon-reported daily sales.

And brand new breakdowns of Amazon's daily print and audiobook sales, too.

How many ebooks, print books, and audiobooks is Amazon selling every day, right now?

In our February 2016 report, we find out:

As always, our complete data set is available for download at the end of the report.

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-The AuthorEarnings Team

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