Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The London Book Fair.

I hate computers, but have to admit that when it comes to skype type things they are useful. Seems to me I should get into this skype business more often when it can be so helpful.

This weekend, courtesy my computer, I attended the IA Indie Fringe of the London Book Festival and was blown away by the valuable information  broadcast by best selling Indie authors, and 'experts' from sites like Bublish and Ingramspark. I was able to replay the talks I really wanted to learn from and spent all weekend listening and making notes.

I had been quite comfortable with my sales efforts. Not any more. By the time two speakers had gone through the analysis needed to do to position your book for success I was dumbfounded. I now understand far more about making a book saleable BUT was delighted that none of the speakers claimed that what they suggested would guarantee sales. No, the old truth still tops the advice. Write a brilliant story that people will want to read and tell others to read. That advice is still number one and tops all the other advice, but I think I see how to position my books to be more noticeable to readers and that might result in more sales!

1 a.m. 19th of April to 1 a.m. 24th of April all my novels: 'Jacob's Justice', 'Tizzie', and 'Bittersweet', will be on sale for 99 pence or cents

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