Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Review: Innocent Blood by Elizabeth Corley

Now this is a series I shall be looking up to read the earlier novels. This is number four in the series and if the others are half as good they will be excellent reads.

The main characters, DCI Fenwick and his friend Inspector Nightingale, are both ambitious, have all the inner politics of the police force to deal with and Inspector Nightingale is female. Fenwick is told to keep clear of Nightingale by a misogynist boss, Nightingale has to put up with some anti-female behaviour.

Elizabeth Corley gives us two interesting 3D characters and then a plot which is full of twists and surprises. It's also more original than many police procedural plots can be. Fenwick and Nightingale are working on different problems which eventually tie together and it is not an easy task they have as proof is going to be difficult to find.

Readers who enjoy British police procedurals will enjoy this and anyone who likes a satisfying read will get great pleasure from the ending.

AND a big thank you to all those lovely readers who bought my novels in the recent e-book sale.

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