Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Peace on earth?

It seems to me we have dropped through a wormhole and are back in the mid-twentieth century. We have two nuclear nations snarling and threatening, only this time we don't have shelters and nuclear attack practices.

I grew up under the shadow of  The Bomb! And it was a shadow which reached over all our lives even though we tried hard not to let it darken each day. It did though. An unexpected siren, an out of routine flight by the air force, the Cuba Crisis, we lived with that fear of annihilation. We were scarred by it and those of us who waved placards saying Ban the Bomb and started verbally violent arguments against nuclear weapons had a hard time but we finally did get an anti-nuclear weapons world. Or so we thought.

When will we ever learn! Seems to me we need the folk song army back with all those pointed songs against nuclear weapons. But do we have the time? I hope and pray we do.

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