Thursday, 18 January 2018

Review of Anne Perry's latest Monk novel: 'An Echo of Murder'

An Echo of Murder (William Monk Mystery, Book 23): A thrilling journey into the dark streets of Victorian LondonAn Echo of Murder (William Monk Mystery, Book 23): A thrilling journey into the dark streets of Victorian London by Anne Perry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'An Echo of Murder' is another terrific read from a terrific writer. Good writers like Anne Perry use their skills not just to tell a great story but to make readers think. These writers use their craft to highlight things we should all be thinking about today. She does this without being too obvious or 'in your face' with the ideas, ideals and important thoughts which are current to 2017-18. Thank goodness for writers like Anne Perry who can use their skills to point readers to modern problems. They have a gift with words and use it for good.

The story begins with a horrific murder, a well respected Hungarian immigrant is killed in a terrifying manner. The Hungarians are immigrants. The local community wants them out, they, of course, have never been violent. Racism, intolerance, violence and prejudice rear their ugly heads. Sound familiar?

An ex-army surgeon, who has found his way home to England 11 years after he was left for dead on a Crimean battle field, is struggling to make his life make sense. He has moments of terror when he doesn't know what he does. He gave his health and sanity for the country and do they reward him? Sound familiar?

Dr Fitz worked with Hester during the Crimean war and of course when he is accused of the murders she is going to save him. The ending in the courtroom is quite something. Sir Oliver at his best.

It's a pleasure to see how the characters change and grow in each novel. Scuff is now nearly qualified as a doctor, Hester has to face her buried past, William Monk faces his own nightmares.
Fans of the series will be delighted. Readers who like historical mysteries should try Anne Perry's novels and any one who enjoys a good story, well written and well told will enjoy this novel.

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