Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Where's the year vanishing to?

Oh bother! the virus is out in Auckland and it would be the UK quick spreading version. We knew it would happen but the moaning and grizzling is a pain to listen to. What's more life threatening? A struggle to keep a business open or watching people die of the virus? Beat the  virus then we can sort things out. Things  have to change. Our far too much reliance of tourists means that there are too many little cafes, restaurants and small business aimed solely at the overseas tourist. They can’t all survive. It’s going to take at least another 6 years to knock the virus down to an annual corvid shot like the annual ‘flu shot. It’s no good fussing and it might be more positive to look at the new future and make it a better one people wise, nature wise and climate wise! That old selfish gene needs a boot, and each of us needs to think seriously about a decent future for our grandchildren.


All systems are working slowly to go for the launch of ‘Wild Colonial Girl’. I am checking the e-book proofs and finally have defeated a chunk of technology which has baffled me. I can now make Buttons for websites, and landing pages and link them up in my e-books. I have to learn the process by rote as I don’t understand the processes, which infuriates me. The next job is to tackle automating a series of emails and spreading them out over days! I’ve seen it done once but am not sure I have it fixed in my head. Fingers crossed.


The task of updating all my ebooks is daunting but I am determined. New Covers coming up too when I’ve earned some money. There’s a possibility of some acting as an extra in a film being made locally. We have yet to hear if it’s all go! It’s been a problem learning good marketing practices without being a pushy sales person. And the best practice seems to involve a heap of tech work which I can’t do yet. I’m getting there slowly. I’ve set aside one session a week for writing short stories or the lack of creative writing will drive me nuts! Our Writer’s Choice novels are prize winners yet unless we do some positive sales work we don’t get the sales they deserve. We’ll get it sorted eventually.


My new novel s cover is a gem. We used genuine photos from an album of the 1880s and my clever cover artist - Peter Langdon based at Reedsy.com - put the right young lady in place. Despite our modern minds falling about at the idea of anyone climbing in the mountains with hat, gloves, parasol and smart suit it is indeed what those intrepid young women did. I've seen their photographs!

The pre-launch sales and pre-orders will be opening shortly so anyone wanting an uplit cheerful and easy read to sooth their virus stressed minds do try this novel. The beta readers all say it was a happy read.


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