Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Book Review: Missing Link by Joyce Holms

Missing Link (Fizz & Buchanan Mystery)Missing Link by Joyce Holms

An Original twist on crime solving, set in Scotland, and written with a light hand and a dry humour. Pleasant read and entertaining.

An amusing whodunit with an advocate and a solicitor working as a bickering team to solve a crime. A dear little old lady claims to have committed a murder and wants to confess as an innocent man has been convicted. Seems a simple task to prove that she is slightly gaga, alas things soon become highly complicated. All the action gives Fizz lots of opportunity to annoy Tam and half the fun is reading about this modern Beatrice and Benedick bickering away until they stumble on the truth.

A good read for anyone who enjoys crime without the four letter words, excess gore and hard men!

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